I watch the wheel in your hand as we drive north
Dust in the air, your chest straight and high
How’d you come to be 80 miles from Valdosta?
I am sitting here, and we are nowhere
The martyrs are never there until they’re gone
I think as your hair unravels in the air
Was it ripped, or natural
40 miles to Valdosta
The car is moving but I can’t see you there
You’re always going and they’re never coming
Two score 10 and 4 heart beat beat drumming
Drawn and quartered for the last time
Suzanne, break free and start running

Suzanne – Full Song

Candy Colored Horse

Inverted candy colored horse
Bareback rider
Twisted flame hooves
Mastering the battery
Trotting of the cavalry
Baby didn’t come today so mommy is a beauty queen
Her chariot is never spent
Because she loves the shit
She loves the rush, the obtuse spine
“For $12.99 I called you mine”
Get back on the saddle?
Hit the light before you go
Bleeding heart, bloody show
Plastic never moved too slow
Aloneness never hurt so good

Candy Colored Horse – Full Song