Purity Ring

You know that they tumble into it like a fever

Dream, schemed while walking south of a childhood memory

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Freddie Kruger fucked Freddie Mercury?

He grasps her hands

They were warmed by the fire of faith

Unholy kindling

Yea, they’ll fall into it feverishly

They’ll collapse into the

Dream pop and white noise in the background of his

Naked reveries

Grinding her in his day dreams

And strangling her in his night sweats

Have you ever seen a puppy so cute you just want to squeeze the life out of it?

Violins scream the soundtrack to an off-kilter horror scene

The role of the oblivious virgin in white panties

Make her wet


Keep her pure and

Savor it

Lick it up and

Save her from it

Then gather it and

Smother her face with it


Fingers in her mouth

Till she swallows the shit

Till she ingests it so hard

The next time she shows her face in his

Viscous fantasies –

White panties –

She radiates it.




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