Ms. Indica

Welcome to Ms. Indica’s English class,

Where I will hold you to high moral standards,

And inspire your behavior, and –

Megan, put the phone away,

Don’t speak while I’m speaking.

Okay what was I saying, what was,

I saying,

What was I –

Really need to –

My desk is a mess.

Megan’s apparently not her name, and nothing comes to mind so I,

Stutter over nothing,

And I guess now I’m just,



At nothing.

I have a first name when I’m not,

Your enskied, underqualified, burner babysitter –

The name breathed when we make the,

Beast with two backs and –

Great, Jen, yes, allusions, I’m surprised you’ve,

Read his plays,

And that you can also,

Read my thoughts but,

Next time,

Raise your hand.

Christ Jesus.

I can talk themes and teen dreams but

I cannot stop the,

Kaleidoscopic smut,

Reeling in my head,

Inspired by the,

Damp panties I like being stuck in,

And shared sonnet projections.

Showers when you’re late are a virgin’s faux-luxury.

Devil green on my fingers is better than other things.

Not a devil in a blue dress,

But a devil-may-care Ms. Honey.

Make good choices.

See you on Monday.


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